EngelsstaubDX is a DJ, promoter of Dark Atmosphere parties, micro-activist, body piercer and one lovely freak. He strives to promote Goth subculture, destroy prejudice surrounding it and openly talk against violence, peer bullying and any other source of injustice.
EngelsstaubDX is a body piercer at Engi Piercing, since he was fascinated with tribal culture and body modifications from the early age. With very personal and friendly approach to clients, he is using only the best equipment, therefore building a strong name for himself and his work.

DJ EngelsstaubDX is a resident DJ of Bizzare and Dark Atmosphere parties, working with both local and international DJ’s. He also organizes many concerts, shows and performances. DJ EngelsstaubDX also guest–stars on radio and TV stations where he talks about Dark Atmosphere parties, prejudice, body modification, and of course music.

Since Goth scene is still frowned upon and looked trough eye of prejudice in Southeastern Europe, EngelsstaubDX founded Dark Atmosphere in 2006. with a goal to promote HarshEBM, DarkElectro, FuturePop and Industrial music. It is an event that promotes not only music, but the whole subculture. Educating people trough performances, fashion shows, art exhibitions and body modifications.